Launch of new module - Diamond Fire Engine

Tue 8th Mar 2011

We have recently launched Diamond Fire Engine, an innovative new addition to our popular suite of public service software.We all know that at the scene of an emergency, life and death decisions need to be made fast, but vital information on hazards and risks can be inaccessible and patchy. Diamond Fire Engine consists of software installed on a mobile ruggedised PC in the appliance cabin making up-to-date information available to fire fighters en-route to and at the scene of an emergency.

Mallon Technology’s software team leader, Frank Hagenson, explains “Our product and services portfolio has always been driven by customer needs with our priorities firmly fixed on tailoring solutions that meet our customers’ functional and budgetary requirements. The idea for Diamond Fire Engine was conceived after listening to customers of our market-leading Diamond Fire product. It became clear that the information was available to them, but back in the office, rather than at the front line where it would be most useful. Diamond Fire Engine brings this information into the cab of the appliance and into the hands of those who really need it.”

The system utilises the latest in mobile technology to track the appliance position and plot the best route using GPS and to retrieve information associated to the location such as risk cards, floor plans, vehicle recovery databases, chemical hazard databases, photographs and hydrant locations on the move. This information can then be printed at the touch of a button on an in-cab printer or the PC can be removed from the cab and used on the ground. The built-in mapping and GIS capabilities provide easy to use decision support tools at the scene of an incident.

The modern fire service is faced with the balancing act of delivering the highest standards of safety to the public and its own staff while working under constant budget pressure. Working with Mallon Technology, Fire and Rescues Services in Ireland have implemented a mobile GIS system to provide front line officers with the latest information on risks at the scene of an incident, and the tools to make informed decisions on the best course of action. By utilising databases and tools already in use by the Fire Service and other organisations, Mallon Technology has delivered this state of the art system at a relatively low cost.