The Map Helping Santa to Deliver Christmas

Tue 18th Dec 2018

Helping Santa to Deliver Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, children around the world have been writing their lists for Santa & completing their good deeds to ensure they have made it onto his nice list.

Well with our latest Map of the Moment, you can now stop worrying and see for sure if you've made the Nice List. Using data from twitter, we have been able to map all the locations around the globe that mention #NaughtyList or #NiceList in the run up to Christmas. So far there have been 1,244 tweets using #NiceList & 1,595 tweets using #NaughtyList.

From the map, we can see that America is by far and away the naughtiest place, with people less likely to find Santa down their chimney this year and may end up disappointed on Christmas day. The map also highlights how geographically sparse the use of the naughty & nice list is, with the overwhelming majority of tweets coming from America & the UK.

With the map now finalised, Santa is free to prepare his final checks for Monday night safely in the knowledge he knows exactly where to find everyone on the nice list!