Update from CeBIT

Wed 2nd Mar 2011

Had a big day at CeBIT today. Cloud Computing seems to be the big thing this year, as well as the PC manufacturers showing off their new Intel i7 and USB3 models. There will be some goodies in a PC store near you this year.

We talked to a lot of ruggedised PC manufacturers and distributors today. Rugged laptops and tablets are thin on the ground this year compared to last time I was here.

Wierdest moment was seeing the Egyption trade pavilion. I had to feel sorry for them. You spend a zillion dollars on a great big stand at CeBIT to try and convince europeans to invest in your country, and then events back at home completely out of your control scare everyone away. The Egyptian delegates were a lonely looking bunch, but they put a brave face on it, with a video loop in the background celebrating the wind of change that has just swept through their country.

As usual, the PCs get smaller and smaller each year. The ingenuity of the manufacturers just blows me away.

One of the highlights was finding Pleo - a robotic dinosaur that responds to his environment, learns to know your voice and even eats. Very, very, cool. Pleo has an SDK and is open for you to write your own programs. Pleo has been around since 2007 apparently, but it's the first time I've seen one, and now I can't wait for Christmas.