Ireland as seen from Sentinel-2

Wed 18th Jan 2017

Ireland as seen from Sentinel-2

Following a year in which the European Space Agency's (ESA) Copernicus programme has captured more of the Earth than ever before, we are pleased to announce that we have put together the first complete map of the island of Ireland using images captured by ESA's Sentinel-2a satellite.

The Copernicus programme is at the cornerstone of the European Union's efforts to monitor the Earth and its diverse ecosystems. Copernicus consists of a series of Earth Observation satellites, which collect data across six thematic areas; land, marine, atmosphere, climate changes, emergency management & security, through various Remote Sensing technologies. The map was produced using a sequence of different images and represents the most up-to-date view of Ireland as captured from space.

Our expertise in Remote Sensing has seen us use data captured as part of the Copernicus programme to help clients in a wide range of different sectors. This has included a case study into the Use of Satellite Remote Sensing Data in Flood Analysis, exploring how satellite imagery can be used to assess the impact of floods and help inform decisions for future flood prevention measures. Further to this, we have also used Sentinel-2 imagery to identify, detect & map wildfire events as well as helping our clients to find and access Sentinel imagery that best meets their needs.

If you would like to learn more about how data from the Copernicus programme or Sentinel satellites could benefit your organisation, please do get in touch with us.