Utilising Open Geospatial Data to Transform your Marketing Activities

Wed 7th Dec 2016

3 Ways Open Geospatial Data Can Transform your Marketing Activities

We are excited to announce the release of our first ever white paper; 3 Ways Open Geospatial Data can Transform your Marketing Activities, an informative guide to show how any organisation can benefit from open geospatial data.

Making a significant impact with marketing can be a challenge for many small and medium sized business. Figuring out how to allocate a marketing budget, choosing who to target, choosing where to target and identifying the most appropriate advertising medium are all issues that businesses face. However, with our guide we will show you how to take advantage of freely available open geospatial data, pairing it with geo-marketing techniques.

Geo-marketing encompasses any marketing that uses a geographic element to better inform decisions and that can help give any business a competitive edge. By combining geo-marketing with open geospatial data it is possible to gain insights that could transform the way any business or organisation markets their products or services.

By downloading our free guide you will gain an insight into how taking a location data driven approach to your marketing can help to:

  • Improve the targeting of your marketing activities
  • Identify new audiences & targets
  • Identify new store or advertising placements
  • Reduce costs
  • Reach a larger audience
  • Make the most efficient use of your budget
  • Improve your marketing results
  • Take better more informed marketing decisions

If you wish to access our first ever white paper, it is available to download by following this link. If you wish to discuss any of the content covered in the article or to learn more about how we can assist your business in taking advantage of open geospatial data then please do contact us.