International GIS Day Webinar

Mon 7th Nov 2016

International GIS Day 2016

Mallon Technology is excited to announce that we will be hosting a new webinar to coincide with International GIS Day, titled Using QGIS to Automate Flood Depth and Extent Data.

Taking place on Wednesday 16th November at 14.00 (GMT), the webinar will explore how QGIS can be used to establish the processes to automatically generate flood hazard data.


GIS Day is an annual celebration of all things GIS! First organised in 1999 by ESRI, GIS Day provides a global platform for users of GIS technology to demonstrate real-world applications that are making a difference to our society. The day is primarily an educational initiative in which everyone can learn about the benefits of geography and the uses of GIS.

Chartered Geographer Accreditation

We are pleased to announce that the Royal Geographic Society (RGS) has given its Kitemark to our latest webinar. Anyone know attending the webinar will be able to accrue CPD points towards a Chartered Geographer (CGeog) accreditation. CGeog is the only recognised professional accreditation for those with competence, experience and professionalism in the use of geographical knowledge, understanding and skills in the workplace. For further information or to apply for CGeog accreditation, please check out the RGS's website

Webinar Details

We specialise in delivering analysis and insight from large volumes of spatial data which help our clients to better understand their environment. Our GIS Services are provided by a team of highly experienced GIS specialists who work with a wide range of different imagery types and datasets, providing solutions which help to answer questions, reveal patterns and support decisions.

The aim of our latest webinar is to enable those who work with large amounts of spatial data to develop the processes to help them manage and publish this data. Specifically the webinar will explore the use of large volumes of spatial data in relation to flood hazard analysis and will cover:

  • The use of QGIS Graphical Modeler
  • Geoalgorithm model building to generate flood depths and flood extents

If you would like to join us on GIS Day, make sure to secure your place by Registering for the event!

About your Host

Ian Hand, GIS & Remote Sensing Specialist

Having obtained his MSc in GIS and Remote Sensing, Ian came to Mallon Technology where he works to provide GIS and Remote Sensing processing and analysis services to a wide range of clients. During his time with the company, Ian has gained significant industry experience working with different imagery types and datasets and he specialises in providing remote sensing services to the Agri-Environmental and Flood Risk Sectors.