Go Paperless for World Paper Free Day

Mon 31st Oct 2016

World Paper Free Day 2016

This Friday 4th November, has been dedicated as World Paper Free Day, a popular global campaign organised by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM).

The campaign challenges individuals and businesses around the world to go paper free for one day every year. It aims to create awareness of what can be achieved by using less paper and make us all think twice before we print yet more documents. By going paperless, businesses have been able to improve efficiency, enhance accuracy and minimise risks, by reducing time and handling costs associated with physical paper records.

Over the past two decades, our Document Capture solutions have helped organisations to effectively manage and maintain their physical and digital records. Handling all document types, our highly experienced team of data capture technicians specialise in the preservation of physical records for use in digital systems. Our Backfile Scanning service converts physical records into digital files which are indexed and allow for easy access and future management.

We can can also help you take the first step into the world of digital files thanks to Docuware. Handling all the processes associated with a document management system. Docuware can help any organisation to unleash the potential embedded in every document, converting all emails, files or records into valuable resources and business intelligence insights.

Does your organisation have what it takes to join the challenge and turn the printers off this Friday? If you are planning on getting involved or require further information as to how your organisation can work smarter and save money with a paperless solution we would love to hear form you.