iPhone App Development

Mon 14th Feb 2011

We’ve been working on our first iPhone app. I can’t say much about it yet, but it’s fair to say that as a Microsoft shop, we’re just dipping our toes in to see what the waters like. We’re not ready to make a big contribution to Steve Jobs retirement fund just yet.

Seems you can’t develop for the iPhone without shelling out on an Intel based Mac. Our resident instant Apple expert has been hacking away on a VM installation of OSX and dealing with recurrent crashes and hang ups. Enough is enough.

Today I zipped over to Portadown and picked up a second hand Mac Mini for about the same price I could have got a brand new PC of higher spec. So now we’re set to go with some real hardware.

I’ll give you an update when we’re closer to release date.

Frank Hagenson

Software Team Leader