Mallon Technology Present at IRLOGI

Mon 11th Feb 2013

Paul Farrell, GIS Consultant with Mallon Technology, was selected to be listed amongst the presenters at the annual IRLOGI GIS Ireland 2010 event. The presentation, entitled “Mobile Rugged GIS – Agricultural Inspections”, was delivered at the conference recently held in Dublin.

Paul elaborated on the Company’s Field Based GIS system which uses a convergence of technologies including Internet Mapping, GPS and GPRS/WIFI, delivering a fully functional rugged GIS system.

There is a greater need today than ever before to deliver business information to the field workforce, improving efficiency and enabling more effective corporate data management.

Mallon Technology’s mobile products enable field staff to access corporate GIS data and use managed editing facilities. With the ability to remotely link to central databases, changes can be monitored and updated. This process ensures that both office and field-based staff are always working from high quality, up-to-date information. Traditionally these types of “cutting edge” mobile GIS solutions have been expensive to implement and maintain. Mallon Technology has significantly reduced this cost without comprising quality or functionality.

The Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Food have an EU regulatory requirement to undertake ground inspections for a selection of their customers. In the recent past this has been primarily a paper based exercise with the obvious inefficiencies and excess cost associated with printed maps and forms.

Mallon Technology has provided the Department with a field based system for inspectors to collect data in the field, using data from the Department’s corporate databases supplied through a spatial web portal.

One of the primary benefits associated with the mobile inspection system is the ability to capture and/or update asset information using simple process-driven red-lining functionality, enabling field staff to identify and correct errors within asset data.