First Release of Sentinel-2 images of Ireland

Fri 15th Jan 2016

First Release of Sentinel-2a Images of Ireland

When the latest satellite from the European Space Agency's observation programme, Sentinel-2a, was launched back in June 2015, it heralded a new era in Earth Observation. Sentinel-2a is one of the most advanced Earth Observation satellites in operation, capable of delivering Multi-spectral data across 13 bands of light at a maximum resolution of 10m, with a revisit period of 5 days.

In-orbit testing of the satellite was complete by the start of December and we are excited to announce that we have secured and mapped some of the first cloud free images of Ireland! The images cover the majority of the country, with the urban sprawl of Dublin in the East clearly visible, among the patchwork covering of fields and the Irish countryside. Zooming in on the images reveals and unprecedented level of detail. All of Dublin's major landmarks are clearly visible and the effects from the heavy rainfall at the start of the year can be seen by the high level of the river Liffey.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks as the operations of Sentinel-2a are ramped up, we plan to bring you a complete cloud free image of Ireland!