Christmas Around the World

Mon 30th Nov 2015

Christmas Around the World

As we move ever closer to December, Christmas lights in towns across the country begin to flicker into life, signalling for many, the official start of the Christmas season. For millions of children around the world, all this activity can only mean one thing..... Father Christmas is coming to town!

This is the time of year when letters are written to Santa with much expectation of what will lie in wait under the Christmas tree come the big day, all while parents busy themselves preparing the decorations, baking the mince pies and preparing the all important turkey ready for the feast that is Christmas dinner! But have you ever wondered just how Christmas is celebrated in other countries around the world? Do all children write letters to Santa Claus? What else aside from turkey or ham could be eaten for Christmas dinner?

Our latest Map of the Moment helps to answer all of those questions by taking a look into Christmas in a series of countries all over the world. We explore just what is eaten for dinner in those countries, who does bring the children presents and what does a typical Christmas day involve. Along the way we uncovered some rather unique and unusual Christmas traditions, such as roller-skating to church, KFC for dinner, strange figures in nativity scenes and the fact that some countries don't celebrate Christmas till January!!

As you get into the festive spirit, take some time out to explore the different Christmas traditions around the world, you never know you might find some you would like to take up, some new dishes to try, inspiration for presents or at the very least, facts to amaze your family with as you tuck into your Christmas dinner.