Celebrating Geography Awareness Week

Mon 16th Nov 2015

Geography Awareness Week 2015

In celebration of Geography Awareness Week (GeoWeek) and International GIS Day 2015, this week, Trinity College Dublin (TCD) are hosting a series of events titled: " Explore! The Power of Maps".

Maps have a unique attraction that is unlike any other, with the power to inform , engage and interest people of all ages and demographics. GeoWeek in Ireland, this year, has a particular focus on how maps are linked with memory making. Events at TCD follow this theme with talks designed to illustrate how maps and map-making influences our memories; both past and present.

As well as discussions around the link between maps and memory, our colleague, Ian Hand, will also be delivering a presentation on the Power of Remote Sensing & GIS Integration in terms of Agri-environmental Applications. Ian's presentation will be held in Museum Building at TCD and will start from 7pm. If you are looking for a way to get involved with celebrations for either GeoWeek or International GIS Day then the events hosted by TCD are well worth attending. For further details of the events, make sure to check out TCD's GeoWeek website.