New Release of Diamond Fire

Fri 8th Feb 2013

We’ve been working hard on the next release of Diamond Fire. It’s a major release which has required work on virtually every form in the application and I’m itching to get it out. Due to the scope of the changes, we decided it was time to get serious about automated testing. We have been doing this on a limited scale up until now in the form of unit testing, but the nature of the application has made it difficult to unit test more than just a few of the newer components.

We’ve been developing an automated test harness for the application using Test Complete from SmartBear Software, and I have to say I’m mighty impressed with this tool. I used to be a consultant for Rational Software before IBM bought them and I did my fair share of automated testing using Rational Robot, so I’m no stranger to automated testing tools.

Test Complete is a lot cheaper than its competitors, but I have to say, you get an awful lot of tool for your money. It’s not a case of TestComplete being cheap because it has less features, it’s more a case of most testing tools being far too over priced in my opinion. Diamond Fire is a fairly large application, but so far TestComplete has handled it with aplomb.

I’ll put out more information as I learn more about TestComplete, but for now I say well done SmartBear.

Frank Hagenson

Software Team Leader