Celebrating 20 Years of Mallon Technology

Thu 18th Jun 2015

Celebrating 20 Years of Mallon Technology

June marks Mallon Technology's 20th birthday and to help celebrate this significant business milestone, we have created a very special Map of the Moment. In honouring such a momentous occasion we decided to go back in time to 1995, the year of our birth, and map the 20 biggest events of that year.

1995 was a very different place to the world we know now, mobile phones were still very large and reasonably heavy, personal computers had still yet to reach the masses and the internet was still very much in its infancy with only 1% of UK having access to it. Britpop was at its peak throughout 1995 with both Blur and Oasis battling it out for No 1's in the singles chart. However it was Robson and Jerome who were to have the last laugh with both the top selling single and top selling album of the year. In films, Die Hard with a Vengeance took the top spot for the most watched motion picture of the year followed by Toy Story and Apollo 13. It was also the year that saw the return of James Bond in Goldeneye, the most expensive film ever made Water World, the Robin Williams classic Jumanji and the widely acclaimed Babe.

Globally, the world had a population of just over 5.6 billion people and was seemingly entering into a new era of World Peace and international cooperation following the end of the Cold War at the start of the decade. China was still to emerge as the economic power house it is today and Dubai was still just a small town in the desert, a far cry from the major international destinations they are today. 1995 was also the year in which the internet entered into public consciousness becoming completely privatised for the first time and was the year which saw the development of many technological innovations that would come to shape the world we live in today and change our lives forever.

Below, we have mapped the 20 biggest events of 1995, providing a snapshot of just how those big moments unfolded and what has happened since they took place. We hope that they will give you a feel for what life was like back then and for those who can remember it we hope it provides a trip down nostalgia lane. If you have any specific memories of 1995 or of Mallon Technology throughout our 20 years we would love to hear them. You can share any of your memories with us via twitter @MallonTech or via our LinkedIn page.