Global Chocolate Consumption this Easter

Wed 25th Mar 2015

Global Chocolate Consumption Easter 2015

Spring finally making an appearance and daffodils blooming can only mean one thing! Easter is just around the corner, Lent is almost over and soon people all around the world be gorging themselves on chocolate eggs. To help celebrate this fact our latest Map of the Moment examines the top 20 chocolate eating Nations on the Planet.

Featuring some surprising results, the biggest consumers of chocolate are the citizens of Switzerland who ate a staggering 9kg of chocolate per person in 2014. That is equivalent to 209 regular sized 43g chocolate bars. Whilst Swiss consumption has climbed over the last couple of years, consumption has fallen elsewhere, notably in the US which represents the world's largest chocolate market by value. Now you've seen how much chocolate other nations consume, how much chocolate do you plan on eating this Easter?