Countdown to the Oscars

Mon 2nd Feb 2015

Oscar Winners Map

With Award season hotting up over in America, the countdown to the 87th Academy Awards begins. There is plenty of speculation over who will take home the prestigious Best Actress and Best Actor Oscar this year. Current favourites for the little statue are Michael Keaton for his role in Birdman and Julian Moore for her part in Still Alice.

Whilst the critics and fans argue over who should be crowned this years best Actor and Actress, we have decided to give recognition to past winners of the best Actor and Actress Oscar. Our latest Map of the Moment showcases the birthplace of each winner, the year they won and the film they won their Oscar for. Unsurprisingly, most of the winners originate from America with actors and actresses from Great Britain being the second most successful country at producing Oscar winners. However there is still a large geographical spread of winners across the planet, which has seen the little statue travel as far as New Zealand and Japan but despite being on its door step, the Oscar statue is still yet to visit South America.