Mallon Technology Delivers Presentation to UCC Students

Fri 6th Jun 2014

University College Cork

Recently, Niall Kennedy was approached by University College Cork (UCC) to deliver a presentation to Masters Students studying GIS.

Niall’s presentation aimed to discuss GIS and Remote Sensing and how these are used within Mallon Technology. Presentations from those within the GIS Industry is a regular feature of the course at UCC and gives the students a great insight into the diverse business that are involved in GIS and how the knowledge they are learning is put into practice.

As a graduate of the course, Niall was more than willing to help the students in the present year and to highlight the work of Mallon Technology. Below is an extract from Niall on his experience on the day:

“I met up with Darius Bartlett, head of the Masters programme, who showed me to the room I would undertake the presentation in. It was one of the rooms in which I previously had classes and it made me realise how much the programme has grown since I was there. This year’s intake had grown to 20 people and involved a much greater diversion of students, which goes to show just how important GIS is becoming.

The presentation covered all activity that Mallon Technology is involved in; however I did revert to my own work in order to give some in depth examples of GIS and how we use in presently. This included my work in the ETS project, which involves using Manifold GIS software which enabled me to use more of my GIS skills. The questions following my presentation showed that the class have a keen interest in the work we do and how it was beneficial for Mallon Technology to take part.

Overall, I found the experience very helpful and rewarding. I have undertaken presentations in the past but this was different as I was representing the company to an outside body. I felt the presentation was beneficial to me, Mallon Technology and the students in attendance.”