Mallon Technology Attend Natural Capital Conference

Mon 19th May 2014

Natural Capital Ireland Conference 2014

Mallon Technology recently attended Natural Capital Ireland’s Hidden Wealth Conference at the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin

Natural Capital Ireland formed in 2013 and is made up of members who all have an interest in how natural capital accounting might ensure sustainable management, restoration and conservation of our natural resources. Natural capital accounting aims to evaluate the benefits and costs of our relationship with the environment in economic terms and to promote the integration of these values into accounting and reporting systems at EU and national level.

The first Irish Natural Capital Conference focused on finding ways to accurately measure Ireland’s ‘natural capital debt’, which is the cost of environmental degradation and its impact on the well being of Irish citizens. In attendance were over 100 representatives of business, investors, Stat agencies, landowners, environmental NGOs and academics who heard presentations from international speakers such as Rudolf de Groot & Jo Pike.

Discussions and presentations at the event covered a number of environmental aspects such as rivers and woodland as well as including views from economists and government. A large part of the discussions focused on the genetic classification of ecosystems and the importance of spatial technologies to this work. It will be exciting to see how the newly formed Irish Natural Capital Forum progresses.