Mallon Win County Council Planning Projects

Sat 13th Nov 2010

Mallon Technology, through the competitive tender process, has been awarded two six figure projects which entail the GIS and the file capture of planning applications.

The first of these is for Cavan County Council. The project is expected to take eight months to complete and includes the scanning of over 13,800 planning files. Tara Spain, Senior Planner at Cavan County Council, commented We have chosen Mallon Technology due to their previous experience in other surrounding counties and their best practice approach. We look forward to working with them on this project.

The second project is for Roscommon County Council, comprising of 10,000 planning files and the point and polygon data capture for each planning application and also includes the ongoing scanning and digitising of current client files. For both projects, scanned documents are to be uploaded onto the I-Docs data management system resulting in the eventual open internet access for the general public.

Mallon Technology has a wealth of experience in local government project delivery, specifically in the planning sector, which it will bring to these projects. David McQuillan, Scanning Manager commented The Company is delighted to have won such prestigious scanning and GIS contracts with both Cavan and Roscommon County Councils. The contracts serve to further reinforce our position as one of the leading data capture companies in the UK and Ireland.

As part of our quality service, Mallon Technology organises the collection and return of all documents. As document storage is a main customer concern, we ensure all documents are stored in a secure, fire-proofed, humidity controlled room. In the near future, customers will have a web cam link allowing them to view the storage area at all times.

Mallon Technology has handled over three million files in all of its years in business including area payment calculations, building control, planning, personnel, environmental health and case files. To date, Mallon Technology has never lost or damaged a single file.