• CeBIT here we come

    By Andrew Bennett | Thu 24th Feb 2011

    I just got everything booked to go to CeBIT next week. Unfortunately I left the accommodation booking a little late, but I managed to secure a small garden shed no more than 50km from Hannover. A brisk walk never hurt anyone. But seriously, I am looking forward to this. Anthony and I have got 2 days of navigating the biggest computer industry trade show in Europe. If you’ve never been, the first time you go to CeBIT, the sheer scale of

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  • The Only Constant is Change

    By Andrew Bennett | Thu 10th Feb 2011

    Got another lesson today in how business requirements continue to change long after you thought the software that fulfilled those requirements was finished. I’ve been working on exporting some scanned images from our digitising department to plug into Diamond Fire for one of our customers. We have an in-house indexing system that the scanners use, and a front end tool to generate an import file in any format we need for the customer to

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  • Laois County Council take full Diamond Suite

    By Andrew Bennett | Sat 13th Nov 2010

    Laois County Council have signed an agreement with Mallon Technology to utilise the Diamond Product set and future modules over the next 5 years. Under the agreement Laois County Council will benefit from a fully managed application portfolio which will manage a large portion of the councils administrative functions. Laois County Council have currently implemented the Diamond Park It system, Diamond Litter and Diamond Fire. Over the

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