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Inspiring Future Earth Observation Specialists with the 5*S Project

Satellite data plays a crucial role in monitoring environmental changes, and the 5*S project empowers students to use this technology to address global challenges. Mallon is proud to be a part of the 5*S initiative by providing a GeoMentor for this year’s project. 

What is 5*S

The 5*S project is a STEM outreach initiative funded by SFI and ESERO Ireland. It aims to encourage and educate secondary school students by providing fun, interactive, and engaging educational content that demonstrates the practical uses of space data and satellite imagery in addressing global challenges such as climate change and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Mallon’s Contribution to 5*S

Mallon contributed to the 5*S project by providing a GeoMentor to help deliver workshops to schools and their students.

Mícheál Foley, an Earth Observation (EO) team member, was trained as a GeoMentor.  Mícheál’s experience in GIS and EO was vital in guiding students from FCJ Bunclody and Drimnagh Castle Secondary School through the interactive SatelliteSkill5 app and ArcGIS Online StoryMaps.  Using a hands–on approach, Mícheál helped students visualise and explore complex data to further their understanding of climate action and sustainability.

During the workshops, students engaged in game–based challenges and fun activities, all of which were designed to introduce them to geospatial data. Each student was also provided access to ArcGIS and encouraged to independently investigate and utilise geospatial information, applying what they learned to improve their critical thinking and problem–solving skills.

During Mícheál‘s time as a GeoMentor, it was fantastic to see the enthusiastic participation of the students from FCJ Bunclody and Drimnagh Castle Secondary Schools.  We are confident that the next generation of GIS and Earth Observation experts will be able to meet the global challenges of the future.

Mallon and Education

As one of the leading GIS and EO solution providers in the UK and Ireland, Mallon has long recognised the importance of education and providing students and graduates with the right skills to succeed in the geospatial industry.

We believe that projects like 5*S are crucial in equipping students with the skills and knowledge to progress in their future careers and to tackle pressing global issues.

Please get in touch with us below for further information about our involvement with 5*S or our EO services.