Mallon Technology



2022 Carbon Footprint Report

We are excited to report that we have completed the calculation of our 2022 Carbon Footprint.

The results for 2022 mark our second consecutive year of carbon footprint results and the first since we set our baseline year of 2021 when announcing our 2040 Net Zero goal.  The 2022 results offer us a first chance to see how we are doing on the path to Net Zero and the areas we need to improve.

2022 Results in Detail

Mallon’s total carbon footprint for 2022 was 183,331.38 kgCO2e.  Putting this figure into context, our emissions are equivalent to 537 round plane journeys from London to Barcelona, 41 petrol cars driven for one year or 23 homes powered for an entire year.

Compared to 2021, the results for 2022 represent an increase of around 9,500 kgCO2e.  However, despite this increase, our emissions are still 88% lower than the average business for 2022, and our carbon intensity of 3,244 kgCO2e per employee is lower than 14% of the average business in 2022.

Although our carbon footprint has risen compared to the previous year, this is not a cause for concern and doesn’t mean we are moving away from our Net Zero goal.  The increase in our carbon footprint can be accounted for by the greater reopening of society following the COVID pandemic, which resulted in more significant travel amounts and a large staff intake compared to 2021.

What is to come?

Over the coming years, we will introduce new policies and procedures to reduce our carbon footprint and put us on the path to Net Zero by 2040.  In the next couple of years, we will also start to see the benefits of our electric vehicle and battery installation in helping to reduce our carbon footprint further.

This is only our second–year carbon report, and the more measurements we undertake, the greater our understanding of how and where we produce carbon will be.  We are committed to reporting our footprint every year as we work towards our ultimate goal of Net Zero.