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Mallon Fully Charged with new Battery Installation

Mallon is buzzing with excitement as we unveil our electrifying news!  We’ve just juiced up our Head Office in Cookstown with the latest battery technology, taking another step towards our 2040 Net Zero goal.

In total, we have installed three batteries, each with a capacity of 11 kWh.  These will work with our existing solar array to help power our operations in Cookstown.  The batteries are integrated with intelligent features to ensure that we benefit from the optimum usage of the energy we produce and will further analyse how we use our energy to help reduce the amount of electricity we draw from the grid.

In addition to the batteries, we have also installed a ZAPPI EV 22KW car charger.  This will enable the company to charge its own electric vehicle in the office for the first time.  It, too, is equipped with intelligent features that allow any vehicle plugged into it to be charged with energy solely produced from our solar panels or a mix with energy from the grid. 

Regarding the new battery and car charger installation, Andrew Bennett, Environmental Manager, said, “The new battery and car charger is a fantastic addition to the technology we already have installed at our office in Cookstown.  Together with our existing solar array, these will help further reduce our reliance on electricity provided by the grid, which comes mainly from fossil fuel–based sources.  This is a positive step towards our Net Zero target. I look forward to monitoring the battery’s performance over the coming year to see the impact this has on our overall carbon footprint.”