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Mallon Colleagues Volunteer to Plant Trees

Working in collaboration with Farming Carbon, Mallon recently helped to plant 500 trees for a small farm in County Down, Northern Ireland. 

Farming Carbon is a microenterprise working to demonstrate that farming can mitigate the impact of climate change.  They are working with an academic team at Maynooth University to create a digital twin to help form an essential national benchmark.

Working with Farming Carbon, a team of Mallon volunteers undertook a vital project to protect a river.  The group planted hardwood trees, including Scots Pine and Oak, that will help to protect the river from nutrient runoff from the farm.  The newly planted trees will also help create a woodland forest grove, providing dense shelter for biodiversity and reducing the need for pesticides to be applied to crops or grass.

By planting trees on the farm, the Mallon team are helping to protect our ecosystem in two ways.  Trees photosynthesise, using carbon dioxide to create oxygen, improving air quality.  Trees also have far–reaching roots that help to hold soil in place and provide structure to prevent erosion.

The work undertaken by the Mallon volunteers is an essential demonstration for farmers in support of climate–resilient food systems.  The data generated by the project to prove the positive impact of sustainable farming will encourage more farmers to adopt a new model and consider regenerative agriculture as a potential solution for their Environmental Impact commitments. 

With the trees planted having the potential to grow for hundreds of years, it is incredible to consider that the work undertaken by the Mallon volunteers will be felt for generations to come.