Mallon Technology



Mallon COVID–19 Update: Continuation of Services

Considering the current challenges facing all types of businesses, as we collectively try to halt the spread of the COVID–19 pandemic, Mallon Technology would like to highlight the measures we have taken as a company to protect our staff and customers while ensuring a continuation of our products and services.

As part of our ISO 27001 certification, Mallon Technology maintains a detailed Business Continuity Plan. This plan provides guidelines on how to respond to events that impact our business and set out how we will continue to provide a quality service for all our customers. We believe that our Business Continuity Plan protects our colleagues and our business operations, and it has helped to inform some of the decisions we have taken over the past two weeks.

We have introduced strict social distancing measures for all our colleagues, including where possible, remote working from home, a restriction on travelling and visits to our premises. Following the government’s guidance, we have fully closed our office building and provided our staff with laptops and other equipment to enable them to continue their work.

These measures have enabled us, as a business, to continue providing a high standard of service to all our customers. Additionally, we have also implemented some further measures to ensure our customers can always reach us when they need us.

We have also introduced new support procedures for our customers with the addition of a new Helpdesk system. These have made it possible for customers to report support issues instantly with our team and to receive responses in real–time. As well as this, we have diverted our customer phone lines to ensure they reach our critical support personnel.

We would like to thank all our colleagues and customers for their understanding and flexibility during this challenging period. As the situation evolves, we will provide further updates as to our working status.