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Mallon Technology DazzLED by New Low Energy Lighting

Mallon Technology has recently completed the installation of new LED lighting at its Head Office in Cookstown, in a further commitment towards a sustainable environmental future for the company.

In conjunction with the existing Solar PV Array on the building’s roof, the introduction of LED lighting throughout the entire building confirms Mallon Technology’s obligation to significantly reducing the amount of C02 generated directly by the company. In total, the company has replaced 160 halogen lighting units with their LED equivalent.

The switch to LED lights is predicted to result in a saving of 16,606 kWh of electricity per year. It will help the company to avoid an additional 11.7 tonnes of C02 from entering the environment every year. The amount of energy & C02 saved each year is equivalent to the emissions generated from:

  • 2.5 passenger vehicles driven for one year
  • 1,321 gallons of gasoline consumed
  • 2 homes’ electricity use for one year
  • 27.2 barrels of oil consumed
  • 1,497,371 smartphones charged

The installation of new LED lighting is expected to result in several benefits for the company and Cookstown colleagues, including:

  • Providing for a healthier, happier more positive working environment
  • Better quality lighting
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Bulbs that last longer
  • Lower C02 emissions

Speaking about the switch to LED lighting, Marion Murphy, Managing Director stated; 

“by changing all the lights throughout our office space in Cookstown we hope to play a role in the reducing the amount of electricity we depend upon as a business, whilst removing excess C02 that would otherwise have entered the atmosphere. New LED lighting is just one step on the path to reducing the company’s overall carbon footprint. This measure, along with our Solar PV Array and the introduction of reusable water bottles for all colleagues confirms that the company is committed to working towards a greener, more sustainable future.”