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Meet Our First Career Encode Applicant David

Following the launch event for successful Career Encode applicants back in May, we are excited to announce that David Lysakowski has officially joined our team at Mallon Technology.

Career Encode

Launched last year, Career Encode is a collaboration among 9 local companies to increase the supply of IT professionals in the local region. The Earn as you Learn Higher Level Apprenticeship enables the applicants to receive a full salary and gain a Foundation Degree.

Meet David

Ahead of the start of the new school year, David has joined us for the summer to gain some early experience and get settled into life at Mallon Technology. We sat down with David to ask him about his experiences with Career Encode and life so far at Mallon Technology.


Tell us a little about yourself?

Originally, I am from Poland, but I have been living in Northern Ireland since I was 6 years old. In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games and watching football, however, I also like spending my time taking part in outdoor activities such as playing football. In the future, I want to become a fully qualified software developer and I want to expand my knowledge in this field as much as possible.

What attracted you to Career Encode?

I liked the idea of Career Encode as it allows me to earn money and gain valuable experience. This also opens opportunities for me such as travelling and upon the completion of the 3–year course, I will receive a foundation degree.

Out of all the companies aligned with Career Encode what attracted you to Mallon Technology?

Mallon Technology was the first company I chose because I liked the projects they have been involved in, such as Azimap. I was always fascinated with ICT and Geography and the projects that the company is involved in are linked to both subjects which further attracted me to Mallon Technology.

What are you looking forward to working on whilst you’re at Mallon Technology?

I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge in the Software Development world and with the help of my work colleagues, I am excited to become an important part of the development team.

Is there anything you have learnt in your short time with Mallon Technology so far?

With my short time at Mallon Technology, I have already learnt a lot of the background work that goes into creating and maintaining a web–based product. I have also learnt how to better communicate in a group of people through multiple meetings I have taken part in with all departments, since joining Mallon Technology.

Are you looking forward to starting your studies at Northern Regional College?

I am excited to start the course at NRC because it will help me to develop faster and with the help of my work colleagues, I feel like I will learn how to become a Software Developer much quicker.

Would you recommend Career Encode as a career route for students?

I would highly recommend Career Encode as an alternative route to university as it allows students to be “students”, earn money and gain valuable experience at the same time.

Would you have any advice for students looking to apply for Career Encode next year?

My advice to students looking to apply for Career Encode is to work hard at your studies and work on your passion for Software and IT in your spare time. This will reflect well in any interviews and also help to further develop your skills before heading into the workplace.

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