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Mallon Listed As Supplier on European Space Agency’s Earth Observation Clinic

We are excited to announce that Mallon Technology has been successfully listed as a supplier on the European Space Agency’s Earth Observation (EO) Clinic.

The EO Clinic is a rapid–response mechanism for small–scale and exploratory uses of satellite EO information in support of a wide range of projects and activities specific to International Development. The clinic is made up of a range of EO service providers, of which Mallon Technology is one, who are available and ready to assist development projects as and when required.

Service providers were chosen on their comprehensive range of skills and experiences in terms of geospatial product generation and analysis, based on a large variety of satellite data. Any activity as part of the EO Clinic is an opportunity to explore more innovative EO products related to developing or improving methodologies for deriving socio–economic and environmental parameters and indicators.

Becoming a supplier on the EO Clinic provides Mallon Technology with an opportunity to further build on our Remote Sensing, Earth Observation and GIS experience, having been a successful supplier to the Irish & UK public sector for over twenty years, as well as affording us the opportunity to work with new clients and agencies across Europe. The EO Clinic is now open to support requests from key development banks and agencies.

Marion Murphy, Managing Director had this to say on the company’s appointment to the EO Clinic, “This exciting opportunity confirms the hard work that Mallon Technology and its staff have put into developing and expanding our Earth Observation skills and services. They have enabled us to provide innovative services that deliver real benefit to our customers. We are very much looking forward to working with the other suppliers in the EO Clinic and to showcasing our experience and skills with new clients.”

Further information about our supplier listing can be found on the EO Clinic website. Alternatively, if you have any questions about our listing or any of services, please get in touch using the button below.

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