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Eircode Usage Among Irish Public Climbs

Recently published statistics from Eircode show that’s its use by consumers and business is growing rapidly since they were first introduced in 2015.

Ireland became the first country in the world to have a unique postcode for each address, following its introduction and despite initial concerns, its use and usefulness have become widespread. Statistics show that; 72% of Irish householders have used their Eircode with 69% of those saying that Eircodes are useful. The use of Eircodes amongst consumers has proved most useful when it comes to deliveries, with 53% using Eircodes for online shopping, 17% for takeaways and 16% for online food shops.

However, whilst the public has been receptive to the use of Eircodes, businesses have been slower on the uptake. Their lower usage has been attributed in part to a reluctance to use Eircode data until a significant volume of the Irish public is using it. With the latest statistics showing a strong uptake by the public of Eircodes and Eircode data, now is the perfect time for your organisation to get on board and integrate Eircode data into your business.

As an approved Eircode provider, Mallon Technology is able to provide a range of services that can help your business to leverage and take advantage of Eircode data. This includes:

  • Database Cleansing
  • Geocoding
  • GIS
  • Business Consultancy

Using Eircode data enables us to further expand our GIS Services, helping customers to leverage our industry–leading GIS experience to better understand their location data and to help support strategic business decisions.

To learn more about Eircode and how its data can help your business, why not speak with us today!

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