Mallon Technology

Meet the Teams


  • Administration


    Crucial to keeping the entire company happy (paying us on time), the administration team are the oil in our cogs, ensuring our whole organisation runs smoothly. Whether it is chasing invoices, handling finances, hiring staff, answering calls, or organising company records, they are always happy to help, by supporting the rest of the teams they enable them to focus on delivering a first class service.

  • Data Analysis

    Data Analysis

    Our data analysts are a creative bunch, who are not afraid to ‘get their hands dirty’ trying out new methods or technologies. Taking a nothing is impossible attitude they love to think of innovative solutions aimed at squeezing the most use out of your data, allowing you to maximise its potential and unleash the power behind it.

  • Data Capture

    Data Capture

    Multi-disciplined, forward thinking and creative, the data capture team are absolutely obsessed with what they do and are focused on building the best possible experience for all our customers. Made up of highly motivated individuals, they work closely with our clients to deliver bespoke solutions that ensure data is captured to the highest possible standards.

  • Digitisers


    Our (mostly) young digitising team is full of fresh faced GIS graduates, eager to impart their knowledge and develop their skills. Enthusiastic, dedicated and hard working, the team are passionate about GIS and put their expertise to use helping to deliver some of our largest projects.

  • Document Capture

    Document Capture

    Working with a diverse range of clients and with years of experience behind them, there is no type of document that our data capture technicians are yet to see. They’re extremely calm and reliable under pressure and with steady hands they take perfect care of your delicate and historical documents, ensuring you are left with a flawless digital representation of all your paper records.

  • GIS Consultants

    GIS Consultants

    The experts on all things GIS, our team of consultants are more than just a fountain of knowledge. They are exceptionally passionate about their work and love nothing more than to impart their GIS wisdom to our customers. Always cheerful and friendly they work closely with clients to build strong lasting relationships that is backed up with first class support.

  • Remote Sensing

    Remote Sensing

    At the forefront of the industry, our remote sensing team are continually devising new and innovative uses for remote sensing technologies. Testing ideas and learning quickly, they are able to adapt their ideas into meaningful and useful services that provide practical solutions for the issues that our customers face on a daily basis.

  • Sales and Marketing

    Sales and Marketing

    Working on everything from event organisation, social media strategy, research, bid management right through to business development and content creation our small team are willing to try their hands at anything. Constantly developing new ideas, the team are passionate about sharing our good work with the world and attracting new clients.

  • Senior Management

    Senior Management

    The brains behind our organisation, the senior management team have unrivaled levels of experience and know how in the GIS, software and document capture industries. They use their expertise to support and encourage development in all areas of the business, providing a stable platform from which the company can build and grow.

  • Software Development

    Software Development

    Our resident geeks laugh in the face of any problems they face which are no match for their superior superhuman knowledge and experience. Taking your business process problems in their stride, the software development team create innovative and bespoke solutions that will ultimately make your life easier and make you wonder how you ever coped without them.